Welcome to my new site! My name is Sydney if we aren’t acquainted yet. I’m a full-time student based in Los Angeles.  When I’m not in school I love all things fitness! I love hiking and practice meditation daily.  It helps me to feel present in my body and completely free. I  love the stillness of morning and the prospect of a new day.  I believe the best way to live is to indulge in things you enjoy. For me that includes leisurely dinners, reading by the pool, and physical touch. 

I love reading. Most of the time it’s for school, but some of my favorite books outside of school include The Untethered Soul and Old Path White Clouds. I also love movies.  Good Will Hunting and Casino are a couple of my favorites. 

Most people who meet me say I’m warm and have the ability to put people at ease. I do my best to stay optimistic and keep a positive energy. I’m a bit of a conversationalist. You will find me to be well-read, bubbly, and educated. The perfect companion. 


I created this site because I truly enjoy meeting new people.  I love being everything you need for a brief moment. No strings attached. This site is pretty easy to navigate.  You can read the “About” section for more info about me.  You’ll find some FAQ’s there as well.  

The “Etiquette” is a must see before booking a date with me. It covers my policies and principles. When you’re done reading through the etiquette section you can head over to “Booking” which is pretty self explanatory.  While you wait for our rendezvous, you can read my “Blog” and cruise the galleries in “Visuals”


Once you’ve been established as a friend, you will get access to my VIP section.  There are lot’s of fun photos and even a naughty blog! You can also view my schedule and conveniently book online. 

I hope you enjoy the site and I look forward to getting to know you.